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The MiMercado Marketplace Progressive Web Application

How $52B Beverage Giant AB InBev Disrupted Grocery and Beverage Distribution in Emerging Markets 

On-Demand Webinar (30 min)

Learn how a $52 Billion multinational beverage giant is transforming the food and beverage distribution game in fast-emerging markets. In this webinar, we will learn about Z-Tech’s motivations for the MiMercado Marketplace, how technology enabled a rapid deployment with fast adoption, and how choosing the right partners made it all come together.

AB-InBev, the world’s largest beverage manufacturer, saw an unmet need in the food and beverage distribution market in Mexico and South America, where tens of thousands of small markets and food stands have an ever-evolving need to order goods for their customers. These merchants predominantly rely on mobile phones and chat applications for mobile communications, often connected to 3G or LTE networks with varying bandwidth options. This has historically limited their options when selecting distributors to keep their stores stocked.

Fast-forward to early 2020 and AB-InBev’s innovation division, Z-Tech, goes live with the MiMercado Marketplace. This innovative concept, built on the Magento Ecommerce platform and Mirakl Marketplace platform by McFadyen Digital, aggregates all of the merchant’s food and beverage ordering needs into a single, mobile web site, built using progressive web application (PWA) technology. What this means is that MiMercado customers have a single-source to order all of their food and beverage stock, from items that AB/InBev directly sources, in addition to hundreds of other vendors, while utilizing a fast mobile online property. 

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