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Definitive Guide to Progressive Web Applications Cover

The Definitive Guide

To Progressive Web Applications

By 2020 Progressive Web Apps will have replaced up to 50% of native apps, according to Gartner research. This Ebook takes a look at the drivers, benefits, and drawbacks of PWAs, and how to implement a PWA on top of any modern Ecommerce platform.

Modern customers are living on their mobile devices. In fact, in the last year, 82% of Internet users in the United States have used a mobile device to make an online purchase, according to Statista. The challenge for eCommerce operators is no longer "if" but "how" to think mobile-first.

While mobile websites and responsive designs are relatively commonplace and easy to pull off, they lack certain user experience aspects seen in native apps. Although these naive apps can provide a fantastic user experience, they can have high barriers to adoption and typically need significant initial buy-in from the consumer in order to justify the investment. This is where PWA comes into the picture, combining the best of both worlds.


Key questions answered:

  • What is a Progressive Web Application?
  • What is driving PWA adoption?
  • Who is implementing PWAs?
  • How do you implement a PWA?