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A Circular Used EV Battery Platform for Europe

Choosing the Right Marketplace Technology Stack

Trust the Marketplace Experts to help your team make informed decisions when it comes to building your marketplace or drop ship business.

The market contains an overwhelming amount of technology platform options for implementing 3rd party commerce on your organization's site. Let our team of experts, including the editors and writers from our acclaimed Marketplace Suite Spot Report, help you decide on the best option for your use case.

McFadyen Digital’s strategic advisory team takes a systematic approach to identify, evaluate, and choose the most suitable technology platform stack for each specific use case.

From multi-vendor enabling software, to the transactional ecommerce platform, to the tax, payment, embedded finance, OMS, PIM, and more, our guided, scalable, process adds certainty to these vital decisions.

Our platform evaluation framework is supported by core principles honed through years of experience helping organizations to think strategically about their technology approach to multivendor commerce. Recent marketplace technology evaluation clients include a top oil & gas provider, a top global retail brand, a Fortune 1000 manufacturer, and a VC-funded start-up. The evaluation process features 6 steps in its entirety, but can be customized to fit need, time, and/or budget.

Marketplace Platform Evaluation Framework

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