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Composable Marketplace Architecture with commercetools

Composable Marketplace Architecture with commercetools

A growing trend in enterprise architecture is the notion of “composable” technology, which encourages flexibility and scalability with an emphasis on the quality of each component in a stack. By leveraging microservices-based, API-enabled, cloud services hosted, headless technologies in a marketplace stack such a platform could easily scale from MVP to full-launch and onward. In this white paper, we explore how using commercetools as the ecommerce backbone of such a marketplace provides numerous advantages.

A Composable Commerce Approach to Marketplace

In today’s cloud-native and experience centric landscape, customers demand digital commerce platforms to provide customer experiences and orchestrate business processes to fit their exact requirements. With the exploding popularity of the online marketplace model, more and more ecommerce operators are investigating the possibility of platforming their business. This inevitably leads to questions about the best way to approach a marketplace initiative from a technology architecture standpoint.

Modern frameworks and cloud services have made the whole process of development, test, and deployment of apps extremely swift and hassle-free. While the architecture itself might be getting complex, the way they are managed and accessed is getting simpler. It is in this light that beauty of commercetools MACH based headless approach shines. When you have an ecommerce engine that has scale, flexibility, and customization as part of its DNA you know that working with the technology of the future.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  1. Composable Commerce 101: What is it and why is it so popular?
  2. Marketplace Architecture options.
  3. How to get started with composable commerce.
  4. Composable marketplace architecture.
  5. Why commercetools is an ideal fit for this approach.

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