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Payment & Taxing for Online Marketplaces

Payments & Taxing for Online Marketplaces 

On-Demand Webinar w/ Q&A (55 min)

With over half of online global sales occurring on marketplaces in 2020, more and more organizations are seeking to platform their businesses. The added depth and breadth of product and services offered by a marketplace are catnip for customers, but the same multi-seller environment that provides such endless aisle selection brings with it an added layer of complexity for the marketplace operator.

In addition to the first-party payment processing and taxing nexus considerations, marketplaces need to factor in third-party payment considerations like escrow, deferred disbursements, and multi-merchant refunds with added taxing complications of having many sellers located in many different places. So what is the best way to handle these added complexities?

Join experts from McFadyen Digital, Avalara, and Stripe as they discuss real-life examples of the challenges presented and the solutions enacted for their mutual online marketplace customers.

In this session you will learn:

  • How taxing and payment considerations differ from traditional ecommerce to the online marketplace model
  • What are Marketplace Facilitator Laws and how do they apply?
  • How to handle marketplace-specific elements such as escrow holdings, deferred disbursement of payments to sellers, and how to handle refunds in a multi-seller environment.
  • How to ensure that all taxing and rating considerations are handled properly in a multi-seller environment.
  • How to select the right partners to help build and optimize your marketplace