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Driving Actionable Insights with Marketplace Performance Management

Driving Actionable Insights with Marketplace Performance Management

One of the keys to successfully operating an online marketplace is to have a defined performance management program. This ebook focuses on seven key areas for your marketplace operations to measure and manage in order to drive actionable insights and scalable growth. 

Performance Management is the Secret to Marketplace Success

For all of the promise and potential the marketplace model offers, some marketplaces still fizzle out shortly after launch.The reasons why these marketplaces fail vary, but one common thread is the lack of an articulated performance management strategy.

Marketplace performance management consists of people, processes, tools, and a governance mechanism that ensures the marketplace is constantly tuned, tweaked and operated based on key performance data. Creating such a plan involves carefully considering which metrics are vital to the health of the marketplace across several key areas related to products, buyers, and sellers. Once those metrics are identified, underlying data sources need to be defined, and individuals need to be given responsibility and accountability for the accuracy of the metrics and the consistent review and interpretation of the metrics with the goal of creating specific actions.


1) Core concepts of a successful marketplace business

2) What is Marketplace Performance Management and why it matters

3) Seven areas a marketplace operator should measure and manage

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