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Almost overnight, digital grocery revenue went from only 4% of total to more than 15% and rising. The recent pandemic-related demand for online grocery ordering for pickup and delivery is likely to lead to long-term changes in both buying behavior and buyer's digital expectations. Take a look at what's now, what's next, and how grocers can rapidly evolve their online buying experience to meet the demands of the next normal. 

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In this Ebook, we take a look at the state of the digital grocery through the lens of recent events and changes in buying behaviors, define buyer expectations, and look at actions grocers can take right now to prepare for what's next. 

This white paper will address the following areas:

  1. The State of the Industry

  2. Major Trends in Online Grocery

  3. The Online Marketplace Opportunity

  4. Taking Action Before the Competition

  5. Adapting to What Comes Next